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Name:Elle Black
Birthdate:Apr 10
  • The artist otherwise known as [ profile] ellipsisblack.
  • Aka Ellipsis, Elle, Miz Black or Milady.
  • Australian, eternal student of nomadic interests and fandoms. Irritable and sarcastic, prone to passive-aggression, and has an annoying habit of reminding people of their manners. Likes travelling, knowing everything, and Georgette Heyer novels.
  • ellipsis _ black AT hotmail . com.
  • Layout by [ profile] thefulcrum.
  • Important Dreamwidth-specific stuff:
    I haven't figured out quite how I'm going to use this thing yet, but one thing I do know, everything personal will be Access Only, and I won't add you to my access list unless I know you from somewhere, eg, LJ! On the other hand, if you subscribe to me, I'll most likely subscribe to you, and if we get to know each other that way, then I imagine that in a very civilised manner, we will have a discussion about increasing access. I won't tolerate drama in my weblog, so I think it's best if we keep this whole business as civilised as possible.

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(writing parenthetical asides), alphonse mucha, andrew lloyd-weber, angel, angelus, anne bishop, anne rice, arrested development, art nouveau, australian politics, ballet flats, barcelona, battlestar galactica, bitching, brian kinney, buffy, cats, celtic folklore, charles ii of england, chris kane, colin firth, coupling, dark angel, dark fantasy, dave matthews band, david tennant, dean winchester, deus ex machina, disney movies, disneyland, doctor who, doctor who (ten), dollhouse, donny osmond, dr house, dr wilson, dr. pepper, draco malfoy, drawing, drusilla, eggs (sunny side up), ellipsisblack, english geeking, ferrets, firefly, gadgets, georgette heyer novels, gossip girl, h&m, heroes, historical clothing, history geeking, house, hurt/comfort, inara serra, interview with the vampire, jacqueline carey, jager bombs, james frain, jared padalecki, jason isaacs, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jesse spencer, john winchester, johnny depp, joseph adama, joseph fiennes, joss whedon, juliet marillier, just like jesse james, kara thrace, keyfic, kingdom hearts, kings, konstantine, languages, laurell k hamilton, lee adama, lee mead, lee/kara, leonard cohen, lindsey mcdonald, literary criticism, lj, lj icons, logan echolls, lucius malfoy, mal reynolds, maynard's, mika, movies, mr. darcy, musicals, my sunburnt country, mythology, mythology geeking, paddywhack, queer as folk, rain, random lj tags, reading, regina spektor, river tam, romance novels, rufus wainright, rufus wainwright, rupert graves, sam winchester, sam/dean, sand tobogganing, sandywhack, scrubs, seattle, serenity, silverchair, simon and garfunkel, sirius black, slash, sleeping, snakes, snow, snow patrol, starbuck, stargate atlantis, stationery, sunshine, supernatural, taffy, tara maclay, tenth doctor, the decemberists, the english language, the sims 3, the vampire armand, the weakerthans, trashy romance novels, travelling, vampires, vancouver, veronica mars, vodka sunrises, wincest, writing, yo-saf-bridge
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